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Bubble football might just be one of the craziest

Le 19 novembre 2015, 08:22 dans Humeurs 0





Body Zorbing Ball Bubble Soccer Football Body Zorbing Ball Red

 In Germany it is called Loopy ball,It is a game played like football but with the usage of zorb to each player.


Bubble football might just be one of the craziest and funniest games ever! This insane sport is basically a wild adventure in which people are hitting and smashing each other, protected by a huge a zorb (a bubble) Bubble football is a rather new sport that was started almost out of nothing in Norway, but it is so exciting, that it is already spreading across Europe and the USA. More and more people are discovering it and the game can be played both outdoors and indoors. One of the biggest advantages of bubble football is that there is almost no risk of injuries despite all the crazy bouncing. The bubble protects your whole body and just your legs are sticking out there (you've got to run somehow), so you can safely smash into other players and watch them fly around. If you are curious what it looks like, there are a number of videos online, but be careful - they are so hilarious that there's a real danger of peeing your pants. As you could assume, in bubble football, opposed to traditional one, technique is not really the main skill required. In fact, no one's really sure what could help you since everyone is just bouncing around, but the good thing is zorb soccer is not among the most competitive sports in the world. In fact, every player is a winner cause the experience is truly like no other. This almost insane nature of the game and the endless fun make bubble football perfect for any bonding event, such as team buildings, birthday parties, pretty much every place or time where there is a group of people who want to have fun! There are a number of variations of the game like classic 5-a-side matches, last man standing, capture the flag, and even zorb bowling and zorb sumo! The opportunities are endless and it seems bubble football is here to stay.

The zorbing ball is a great toy- so to speak

Le 22 octobre 2015, 10:22 dans Humeurs 0

Life is all about fun! Enjoying life means taking part in meaningful activities and, and spending time that is worthwhile with the most important people around your life. Making sure you enjoy yourself and make yourself happy. And for those who especially love activities that take a bit of muscle outside or even indoors this is the perfect thing for you. It’s perfectly safe and will ensure massive fun even after you’re done playing around in it. The zorbing ball is a great toy- so to speak. These Zorbing ball come in three types, which are: free walking type, fixed type and the floating type which is my personal favorite.If you’re looking for a place to buy the human sized hamster ball, also known zorbing ball then you’re in luck you’re just at the place and you totally won’t be disappointed. First of if you don’t know much about the balls here’s a little something that may be used to guide your choice. Though I find them all awesome. When using the free walking type, the player is not fixed in the ball, and it’s only when the player is waking that the ball rolls. if the player wants to keep their body upright in the ball, they have to ensure they keep the rolling speed constant. Sounds fun right?! The other ball is the fixed type; this one the limbs and waist of the participant are fastened using a safety belt, then fixed in the zorb ball, the player therefore rolls together with the human sized hamster ball. For those who like getting a little dizzy this is where the fun is. Finally there’s the floating type. Here the player isn’t fixed in the ball and before the player starts rolling those outside have to pour water into the ball, just about 70 centimeters. The player hence rolls as the ball floating on water rolls. These balls are amazing and nothing but pure fun for all kinds of games, including those of team building. It’s hard to go wrong with an outdoor activity that includes a hamster ball for humans.

inflatable boats and other inflatable playgrounds

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